Dare to Dream: A Campaign for the LGBTQ Jewish Future

For many years we have been strong supporters of Keshet's groundbreaking work to ensure the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and our families in Jewish life. Keshet's social justice work is near and dear to our hearts. From the start, the organization has strengthened our community by equipping people and organizations with the skills and knowledge they need to make all LGBTQ Jews feel secure and welcome. 

Our friend Idit Klein has been the CEO of Keshet for over 20 years. Under her leadership, Keshet has supported tens of thousands of rabbis, educators, and other Jewish leaders to make LGBTQ equality a communal value. Idit's vision, compassion, and chutzpa helped establish Keshet as the only organization in the U.S. that works for LGBTQ equality in all facets of Jewish life. 

With many states enacting divisive laws and policies that discriminate against our community, the world needs Keshet's life-changing work more than ever. To celebrate and honor Idit's 20 years of leadership, Keshet is raising funds to expand its work. 

We are proud to support: Dare to Dream: A Campaign for the LGBTQ Jewish Future that will raise $250,000 to broaden Keshet's reach. Ellen is serving as vice-chair of the campaign. We encourage you to watch this video to hear about the impact that Keshet's work has had throughout the community. 

Will you join us in making a special gift this year to celebrate Idit's leadership and fuel Keshet's growth and impact? 

When you contribute to Dare to Dream, you are ensuring these programs are available to even more people, particularly the most vulnerable. You can read more about the Dare to Dream campaign, download the Case of Giving, and contribute to the campaign here. 

Through the generosity of donors, Keshet's programs reach hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Dare to Dream Campaign will allow Keshet to expand its presence nationwide in parts of the country where its work is most needed, starting with Florida. Keshet envisions a world in which all LGBTQ Jews will be at home in their communities. We hope you share our excitement for Keshet's continued growth and our desire to honor Idit's work. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have. 


Ellen and Janis 

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