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Roxbury's Fort Hill

A dynamic business and cultural district.

Welcome to Fort Hill and Roxbury

A Dynamic Business and Cultural District

Once a farming community, Roxbury is home to the historic Shirley Eustis House, the only remaining country house in America built by a British Royal Colonial Governor. Today this neighborhood, which serves as the heart of Black culture in Boston, is undergoing a renaissance. Hundreds of new business and housing initiatives have revitalized the neighborhood's Dudley Square, Crosstown, and Grove Hall areas. The dramatic transformation of Blue Hill Avenue from a street lined with vacant lots to a dynamic business district is one of Mayor Menino's proudest achievements. The Roxbury Center for the Arts, Culture, and Trade, which opened in 2005, celebrates the cultural richness of the community through the visual and performance arts.

Revival and Transformation

The entire area is undergoing a transformation, from the 2014 introduction of a tech incubator seeking to bring start-ups to Dudley Square, to the first urban farm in Boston, to plans for energy efficient buildings, new parklands and other resources for residents, and more living space for low-income residents and people with disabilities. Cultural resources in Roxbury include Hibernian Hall, Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAA), the Roxbury Heritage State Park, and the Roxbury Film Festival. The area also contains Franklin Park and its Zoo, and a great number of community gardens and other resources aimed at improving public health in the area.
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The Fort Hill and Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston are located in Sufflolk County.
The Zip code is 02119.

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